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Whether brainstorming on a marketing campaign, documenting customer journeys, developing a product, or creating change, I can design and facilitate your co-creation and prepare everything so that you can lean back and discover the ideas you didn’t think you had.

20 years of experience

I have worked professionally with ideation and co-creation for more than 20 years. I can help you manage your creative processes in both small and large groups.

With my background in advertising and my education in behavioural design, I have mastered and perfected a process for co-creating. This method will guide you and your team all the way and open up your creativity.

Co-creation proces

To be able to get great ideas together we need a solid preparation and a combination of inspiration and provocation. When I design co-creation sessions I design it in three stages: before, during and after.

Before we co-create

Before co-creation sessions

Before the brainstorming, I find and analyse sources that will inspire and give a starting point for the participants. However, it is not the inspiration itself that’s interesting. It is what it makes people think, say, and do that makes it interesting. So, before the session, I spend time analysing and breaking down the inspiration into tiny fractions. Then, I use all of these inspiration fractions to create “provocations,” which will be used in the co-creation session. These provocations will be made into “Power Questions”.

When we co-create

brainstorming and co-creation

During the co-creation session, we will use the inspiration and the Power Questions to guide the session. With a big pile of Power Questions, this session will never die out. Every time we are out of ideas, we pick up another Power Question, read it out loud, and brainstorm in that direction.

As a part of the co-creation session, each group takes its best idea and swop it with an idea from the other groups. Now the job is to make this idea even better. Not to judge or comment. To improve.

When all ideas have been refined, we sort them following a system that reveals the potential of the idea. This gives a good indication of which ideas to move forward with.

After the co-creation session

When the session is over we take the best ideas and make a plan for how we are going to test these ideas. Do we want to make a prototype, and how do we evaluate it?

“To develop and maintain a strong creativity we need structure, systematics and methods – this is exactly what Dan delivers. Dan is a very engaged and talented teacher. Thank you Dan, for an inspiring workshop.”

Kasper Lynge
Creative Manager at Novozymes

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Co-creation as an online course

Learn to prepare and facilitate a successful co-creation session with this online course where I will teach you to prepare and facilitate a successful co-creation