Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint for you and your colleagues to work with innovation and new ways of thinking.

Try to think back to when you last had an excellent idea—one of those you felt in your entire body. Where were you? You were probably not at work or in a brainstorming session!


Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) is a design sprint and a novel way of working with innovation and new thinking.

It is a seven-day process that takes both individual and team achievements into account. It was developed by Dan Ravn, who has more than 20 years’ experience in idea-development.

Through a step-by-step framework, you will be guided to define your goal and your creative boundaries together. When the foundation has been set, each participant will be handed a challenge to solve over several days, spending only 20 minutes on it three times per day.

This creates a space in which you can follow your curiosity both individually and as part of a team. And the best part is that you don’t need to learn anything ahead of time: you will discover and develop along the way.
The goal of Coffee Break Innovation is to create a sharper starting point and offer time for inspiration and reflection in order to develop our innovative potential more efficiently.


Coffee Break Innovation takes advantage of when individuals peak creatively so that each participant can perform their best when feeling the most creative.

By mixing teamwork and individual challenges, we gain the best of both worlds. We start out as a team, setting the direction. After that, we take out time to work alone with focus, and finally, we meet up as a team again to make all the pieces fit together. This is what I call Individual Co-Creation.


Coffee Break Innovation is a universal framework for getting new ideas. You can use the framework for:
> Concept and product development
> Communication campaigns
> Business strategy
> Ideas for content creation


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“I had the great pleasure to work together with Dan when running Arriva Innovation Lab 2017. Dan contributed with a priceless help arranging the event. He was top professionel in his execution of the workshop and contributed with a great energy. His sense of humor and engagement were a big reason for the ideas bubbling from all the participants. I can only give my warmest recommendations and will definitely hire him again.”
Bo Ellehave
Head of Project & Process Management Office atArriva

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Each participant will get a 64-page workbook with daily exercises and guidance to develop new ideas.

You can buy the course as a facilitated process where I will facilitate the beginning and the end. The rest of the days will be guided through short daily videos.

You can also choose to run the design sprint on your own. In this case, you can buy the online course. In the online course, you will need a leader and some contributors. The leader will have a special version of the online course and will be guided on how to run the sprint.

With me as a facilitator

We will start with a meeting, going through your goal with the sprint. Then we will find dates for the sprint itself. On the first day, I will begin with an introduction to the CBI design sprint.

After the introduction, a three-hour workshop will follow. During the workshop, you will set your goals and your creative boundaries.

Days 2 – 6 will be guided throughout, using your workbooks together with short videos.

On day seven, we will meet as a group again. I will facilitate a three-hour workshop, where we will collect all the best ideas and combine them.

Run your own design sprint

You can also choose to lead your own Coffee Break Innovation.

Your workbook and guided videos will serve as your complete day-by-day guides to running your own CBI sprint. Together with the book, you will get colour-coded post-its, glue, and access to all video materials that you can watch again and again.

For this spring, you will need a leader, who will get a special edition of the online programme, and a team of five (the minimum), who will be the contributors.

Below you will find a daily walk-through.

Coffee Break Innovation design sprint - define

Day 1 – Define

On day one, we will start with the end. What goal are we aiming for? We will dig into how our commercial goal can be beneficial for our clients, and how we can use that as an aiming point for our innovation sprint.

When we have defined our goal, we will create our Creative Circles that define our creative boundaries and possibilities. Finally, all participants will select and describe a personal challenge from the goal and the Creative Circles.

Time: 2-3 hours

Day 2+3 – Research

On days two and three, each participant will have a personal challenge to solve. The challenge starts with researching the element he or she has got. It’s not about doing in-depth research – it’s just about finding inspiration that can spark new ideas and angles. Every time we find something interesting, we write it down as an inspiration note.

Time: 3×20 minutes per day

Coffee break innovation - brainstorm ideas

Day 4+5 – Create

When we are done with the research phase, we will have a lot of inspiration notes. Now, it’s time to take a look at all our research together along with our goal and create as many ideas as possible.

Time: 3×20 minutes per day

Coffee Break Innovation – feedback on ideas

Day 6 – Feedback

When all participants have a pile of ideas, it’s time for some feedback. On Day six, the team meets up in groups of two. They will now swap their best idea and have the other person make their idea even better. When both ideas are refined, they will together create a pitch for the final day.

Time: 3×20 minutes

Coffee Break Innovation prototyping

Day 7 – Share

On day seven, the whole group gathers, and the small groups of two will present their ideas. Then it’s time to find the best elements from all ideas and try to combine the best pieces to fit together. When the pieces are found, it’s time to define how we are going to test the idea.

Time: 2-3 hours