Coffee Break Innovation – 10 people (Platin)

Coffee Break Innovation – 10 people (Platin)

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CBI 2 – Day 1_10_platin

Day 1

Today you are going to meet up with your team to define your goal and your Creative Circles. When you have defined your creative playground, you will be ready to create a provocation that you will be working on for the rest of the sprint.

CBI 3 – Day 2_10_platin

Day 2

Today you will start your research phase. You will spend 3 x 20 minutes on doing this. Remember – this is not about doing in-depth research. It is about finding inspiration that can inspire you in different directions.

CBI 4 – Day 3_10_platin

Day 3

Today you will continue your research. You will spend 3 x 20 minutes on doing this. Try to look for a new kind of inspiration today.

CBI 5 – Day 4_10_platin

Day 4

Today you will start to create ideas. You are going to use your notes from your research phase and try to combine them with your provocation. Just like the research phase, you will spend 3 x 20 minutes.

CBI 6 – Day 5_10_platin

Day 5

Today you will continue creating ideas. Just like yesterday, you will spend 3 x 20 minutes. But try to go in a new direction for today. Even though it’s tempting to go into details with an idea – this sprint is not about executing – it’s about looking for ideas. 

CBI 7 – Day 6_10_platin

Day 6

Today you will be working together with your partner. You will give feedback on each other’s ideas and together prepare the idea(s) you want to present to your colleagues tomorrow.